Our Mission, Our Time, His Glory

In my last post, I spoke about doing nightly blog posts while I was at GYC. I also said it was ambitious to think that would be possible.

Guess what?

It was over ambitious.

Not only did I not do a nightly post, I didn’t do a single post. Apologies, but my time was pretty booked solid and the sleep deprivation was so real.

As part of my attendance at GYC, I was a part of the Presidential Hospitality Department. It sounds all fancy, but really, it’s a servant’s job. We bring speakers and executives water, food, anything they need. We help them with their schedules and walk until our feet blister, and then walk some more.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

In fact, there is a beauty to it. As one of our great leaders said in our first meeting: “We serve the people that serve the people“.

So that’s what I spent my week doing and honestly, I wouldn’t have changed a thing about it. It was amazing, fruitful and a huge blessing.

I got to speak with lawyers about religious liberty, with students about missions they wanted to be a part of and I made good, solid, wonderful friends.

But if that’s all I did, and all I learned, then this GYC was a failure.

GYC, Generation. Youth. Christ., is not supposed to be a place where we primarily make friends and talk about cool things. It’s not supposed to be a yearly spiritual high that is in some cool place with comfortable hotels.

GYC is so much more, and honestly, it saddens me to think that a lot of people view it as the aforementioned.

This annual conference was started by young people, for young people. GYC a signal to the world that the youth are done being on the sidelines and ready to be on the front lines.

It’s a time to be ready to take our mission that God gave us and move, work, serve, live and even die for the One who did all those things for us.

It’s a time for us to get involved at our local (or ‘glocal’ as one Pastor called it) churches and start making a difference.

To get out of this complacency and constant coasting through the cycle, barely doing our devotions each day, barely talking to our Creator at all, hardly helping out our fellow man.

I’m sick of it.

I’m sick of my lack of motivation, my Laodicea, my ignorance and my arrogance.

I want something better, something more.

And so I’ve decided.

I’ve decided to commit, to give it all. to wake up everyday and spend time talking with God and listening to His Word. To write His Words on my heart and my mind. To take the rest of my life seriously because let’s face it, I’ve already spent 19 of my years being complacent.

I’ve decided to go on a mission trip, to study abroad, to serve in my community and to get involved with my local church.

“There exists, today, an army of dedicated young people within the Seventh-day Adventist church who yearn to demonstrate Nehemiah’s leadership, Daniel’s integrity, Mary’s humility, Paul’s passion for evangelism, and Christ’s love for God and humanity. It is the goal of GYC and its members to seek and galvanize such young people (GYC Mission Statement)”

And it’s our turn.

Our turn to be a part of the hastening of the coming of Christ.

Our turn to mobilize into the “Army of youth rightly trained”.

Our time to unite as youth under the banner of God and spread His gospel to whomever we interact with, wherever we go.

Our time to live a life of commitment and love to our Father in Heaven.

Our time to give Him the Glory.